Eastside Ace Co Starring Lowertown G (SYNDKTS) Calculated Risk

December 5, 2011

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First Mixtape by Eastside Ace co Starring Lowertown G SYNDKTS SQUAD trap house of commons musique R.I.P. Sparks/Free all the real niggas… to many 2 name

1.Eastside Ace Wu Freestyle

2.Carlitos Way (Slit)

3.Eastside Ace – Calculated Risk

4.Paid In Full (Skit)

5.Lowertown G & Eastside Ace – Live From The Trap (SYNDKTS)

6.Eastside Ace – Rollin Wit It Feat. Bobby Blastem (Beat By Sinister Sounds)

7.Eastside Ace – Just A Playa

8.Eastside Ace – Purple Swag Freestyle

9.Blow (Skit)

10.Lowertown G – Work Hard

11.Eastside Ace – Lifestyle

12.Eastside Ace & Yukka – Nightlife (Beat by Sinister Sounds)

13.Pretty Tony Philosophy (Skit)

14.Astroboy The 80s Baby & Eastside Ace – Pooh Love Honey (We Love Money)

15.Bobby Blastem & Eastside Ace – On My Grind

16.Eastside Ace & Lowertown G – Mary Jane (SYNDKTS) 2006 Classic

17.Eastside Ace – Stick Up Boyz Freestyle

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