Exclusive Interview with DL Incognito at Winterfest

January 26, 2012

As we all know DL Incognito performed at last Saturday’s Winterfest event.So I had the privilege to sit down with the legendary underground rapper and ask him a few questions:

Q: So what brought you into Winterfest?

DL: The promoters asked us if we wanted to do something, so obviously being from Ottawa, you know growing up in Ottawa it only made sense to come out and do this. It’s a great opportunity for me to see what’s goin’ on in the scene. Like I haven’t lived in Ottawa for like a minute … I’m a bit out of touch so I’m looking forward to see what people are doin’.

Q: When did you first get into Hip Hop?

DL: Hip hop,I’ve been a fan all my life. Really the first significant thing we did was dropping a compilation called Welcome to the Land of the Lost and that was back in late ’99.My first solo venture was when we got The Whole Nine Planets thing together, that was 2002.

Q: How have you seen the Ottawa scene improve over the years?

DL: I think you got better avenues for kids these days. I think it’s easier to get you music out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to get out there as an artist. It just means you have an easier avenue to promote the music. So when we did our sort of grind, our come up you still had to do 12 inches,  you still were doin’ sampling tapes, breaking up  DJ’s with a couple pieces of vinyl, putting CD’s out and touring. At the time there wasn’t that many groups in Ottawa that organized but you obviously had other cats like Belly and CV records that did their thing and now obviously still are. I know now there’s a lot of artists sort of on the come up so I think it’s a great time for someone to get into hip hop but it’s still very hard to breakthrough the barriers. You just gotta be consistent; make music and tour and people forget that the show is the opportunity to interact with your fans. You gotta take that part seriously. It’s all dope to put something out on YouTube or Facebook, SoundCloud, or Bandcamp whatever it is that you’re on. But you gotta get out and touch people.

Q: Who are your favorite Ottawa Artists?

DL: I did some work with Cashtro, we gotta joint he asked me to be on. I’ll give my utmost respect to Belly and what those guys are doin’. I’ve always been doin’ it on an underground level. These guys are doin’ it on a mainstream level. Broken Bridge I know they’ve been on their grind for a long time. There’s a lot of people I don’t want to exclude anyone. I know Philly Moves are doin’ they’re thing. I know it’s not easy to do it from here, anybody on their grind. I know there’s a lot of talent here.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your music?

DL: Life. You know it’s really simple. I always wanted to have some sort of impact with my music.I don’t mean anything drastic, It needs to relate to me. I need to speak about something people relate to. Obviously we go through the same sort of stuff in life at different times but we all go through the same things. So I try to put a lot of that into my music and that is my inspiration.

Q: What are your future plans right now?

DL: Right now we’re 99% done a new record called Someday is Less than a Second Away. We’ll probably tour for that record. I think it’s some of the best material I’ve done in a long time. I think me and Tech we’re in the right sort of flow and work cadence to put out a really solid product to put that out there and really be back on the circuit. It’s been a few years since A Captured Moment in Time, it’s just an opportunity to get back to doin’ music.

(You can expect to find Someday is Less than a Second Away in stores for early summer or early fall)

Q:What are some of your favorite moments as an artist?

DL: Probably my first Juno’s it was so unexpected for me and we’ve always done indie music, we’ve always done underground music; music with no major label backing, with no radio single, none of the traditional sort of records that help propel you from here to get noticed and I was always happy that people. My peers at least recognized what I was doing was at least worth a mention and it was a great experience. You know I got a chance to go to the Juno’s three times now. I’m always blessed that someone doin’ the type of music that I do can still be recognized. It doesn’t seem like such a great accomplishment sometimes but when you think about it it’s only a handful of dudes to do that and experience that. So I’m always humbled by that.


Q:What advice do you got for the new, up and comers in the industry?

DL: Really simple man, just do what you do. There’s no point in copying someone else in what they’re doin’ if you’re going to make music just be an individual. Come out with your product, your flavour and if you believe in whatever it is that you do then ride it out till the wheels fall off man. Like Redman said this awhile back,“if everyone’s goin’ right, go left.”

Like always be unique to your art form, right?

DL: Or at least be true to your art form. I think there’s a baseline for hip hop. Just make sure your doin’ something that your comfortable doin’. I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t make pop records. So I do what I like and what I’m good at. I’ll leave everything else for someone else to do. It’s just stay in your lane. I’m gonna stay in mine. You can evolve as an artist and come out with different things but just be comfortable in your own skin.

Q: Do you have any shout outs?

DL: yo yo,what up man dis DL Incognito, and am chilling on CapCityHipHop.Com , nine planets all day Ottawa represent!

This conversation has
been shortened for length.

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