Lookin’ Back At Winterfest 2012

January 23, 2012

“We got attention literally across the country and in the United States as well,”said Max Grootenboer as local and national hip hop flavour was on display all day and night at the Carleton U bar, Oliver’s Pub, for the 1st annual Winterfest. Grootenboer and Lirone Davis put the event together along with CKCU Radio. Saturday also went down with the help of numerous sponsors such as: Metro Newspaper. Top of the World, Envy Clothing, Mama Cees and several others.

RetroFuture Performed at Winterfest 2012

All ages show was headlined by Moka Only and featured other acts such as; Swaggstar and guest Milli Millz, S.C.R.I.P.T. , Spitten Image with M.A., Dynamic, Mike Kleff, Teddy KGB, Loretta House, RetroFuture, Homebased, Diamond, Aron the Alien, Kiki Williams,  Eddie Quotez, Alex Silas and Dallas Waldo.

The entire event was a great opportunity for many in the Ottawa scene to network and get to know each other and enjoy the talent they have to offer. It was also a great opportunity to get to meet with the media and look to getting further exposure.

The Night Show featured: DL Incognito, S.C.R.I.P.T., Philly Moves, Flight Distance, Cashtro Crosby, TechTwelve, K.G., Spitten Image, Kiki Williams , Fine Young Gentlemen. Beats were spun by DJ Acro and DJ Mes.

The only issue arose with the student limitation enforced by Carleton U for safety of the campus. The limitation stated that all attendees must be in company of a Carleton student. This sadly frustrated 150-200 people trying to gain access to the event.

Cashtro Crosby Spitting On The Mic At Winterfest 2012

“That all being said we had a fairly nice crowd at night time and I was pretty happy with it,” said Grootenboer with regards to the student limitation. Winterfest organizers tried as much as possible to inform people that they needed to be accompanied by a student.

Future Winterfest shows or others relative to it will be likely held at a different venue. The event had been planned for about a month and a half in advance. Which is a much shorter time frame of preparation for an event on this scale.

Grootenboer is optimistic with the potential Winterfest has to grow and expand whether it would be a travelling event or focused as an annual Ottawa event to mark on your calender.

Exclusive winterfest interviews with performing artists coming out soon!

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