Exclusive Interview With Dynamic

February 3, 2012

Dynamic aka Ya Favourite Light Skin is an Ottawa native who not only has been rapping in the city for some time but is also running hip hop website bringyaehgame.com out of Toronto. Dynamic was apart of the daytime performances, so the CapCity Media Team got a chance to sit down with one of our own during Winterfest.

Q: When did you start up the website?

Dynamic: bringyaehgame.com started in 2010

Q: Where did the idea to get started on the website come from?

Dynamic: I’m an artist too, so at the end of the day if you don’t have a platform to stand on your not really going to expand on your music to where you wanna get it to. I’m gonna bulid a platform, I’m not gonna try to soak my music into it; this not only opportunity for me but for artists as well too.

Q: How long have you been rapping for?

Dynamic: I’ve been rhyming now like 10 plus. I put out EP’s and mixtapes. Right now , I’m just trying, people can download my music at whenicutarecord.com and check out my free music.

Q: What first got you into the hip hop?

Dynamic: My pops is a reggae singer, so of course you get a little bit of inspiration from that. Hip hop it’s just something that I didn’t even know I could do prior to the age of 16. I heard a certain kind of music, and boom, I was doin’ it too. It’s just evolution it keeps goin’.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Ottawa scene?

Dynamic: It’s great. I was gonna say I left from Ottawa myself, I went to Toronto. Not only did my music struggle from the website stuff, I’ve just been trying to build more connections up there. But you always bring it back to Ottawa. I’m always hearing about Ottawa from Toronto. So with internet now, it doesn’t even matter if you’re from Ottawa cause it’s pretty much the scene now.

Q: Any artists right now you’re into?

Dynamic: Yeah, I big up The Bridge right now. That’s my fam. Of course, like Flight Distance. They’re killin’ it. There’s a lot of cat’s out here that are really doin’ it, a lot of producers. If I name off everybody, I’m gonna get hit up, like you didn’t name me bro so we’ll leave it at that.

Dynamic: Yo it’s D to the Y to the NMIC. Capcityhiphop.com, Ottawa’s #1 urban media site. Make sure you log on every day and check that out. Eh!

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