February 10, 2012

From running out of paint watching kids dance and even Djing, those were all moments that were truly heartfelt in the first annual edition of Ottawa’s “ARTCHILD”. Kids of all ages in Ottawa made new friends that day through the fun face painting activity; while others became more empowered through the beauty and Empowerment workshop. It is true that sometimes we underestimate the real power of a child and this was certainly proven at ART Child 2012, Sunday January 29th.

Seeing the large group of children from Sarah Mcclurg Music telling their story about their experiences on bullying and how they overcame it with music was truly touching. Also, as each child went on and spoke individually about their own experience, it sealed the fact that Art Child offered a platform for all kids here in Ottawa to talk about bullying. As the Hornettes hit the stage, the older crowd suddenly got on their feet; from parents, to grandparents. In fact, even some of the kids were recreating the moves from DJ Ben Jamming Break Dancing workshop. To say the least, the first annual Art Child event in Ottawa ended off with an eclectic fashion show. The store Slaysh from the Glebe set the tone of the show with flowery prints and swayed army green leggings. Then, Kamaccacci Juice from Toronto brought a summer vibe with their latest collection of caramel short sets for girls walking to the sounds of Mary J Blige. Jewne Boom Boom from CKCU concluded Ottawa’s first Art Child event with a short but sweet speech; reminding everyone that the true purpose of arts is essentially to be an authentic form of expression. Not only is it an expression but an extension of an ongoing, billion dollar money making industry.

Imagine the world with no fashion, no actors, and no music. Imagine no Celine Dion, no iPod and even no press at all. The first Art child event in Ottawa made you think twice about not having any arts in schools. Ottawa’s Art Child did more than just create awareness about the art cuts. Art Child was an event that brought families together to enjoy the celebration of art at its finest.

This the beginning of an incredible journey. We thank you all for joining us for this inaugural event. We hope you had an unforgettable time.  Be the voice of the children today.

The Art Child committee would like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, benefactors and volunteers that made this event possible.

CKCU, Within Essence Productions, DJ Ben Jamming, DJ Alive from CHUO, Slaysh, Kamakacci, Red Crown Clothing, Kania Couture, Pulse Passion, Hair Junkie Studios, The Hornettes, Sarah Mcclurg Music,  Compact Music,The Riot Police, Driven Dance Ottawa, Society of Revellers, CHUO, 2econd Touch Media,, Glebe Streets, B&B Promotions, Queen of the Scene, OD Music, Dream Love Grow, Shop-aholic, Zaneta Pernicova, Xodus Management, Tiny Talent, Top Talent, Models International Management, Suzette P. Weeks, Wal-mart, Loblaws, Island Flava, Zellers, Domino’s Pizza and RYTEC Printing, CBC Radio, Rogers 22.

“To attenuate the rich voice of Canadian art, wittingly or unwittingly, is to break off and

bury a bright, useful piece of the future. There is no village or city in this world without

art, and the legacy of art from previous generations. Art is how minds are nourished, and

the healthier our minds, the healthier the world at large”. –PEN Canada

Say NO to the cuts in cultural funding.

Say NO to the ARTS CUTS!

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