Dallas Waldo – Mashed And Gravy

March 30, 2012

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Mashed & Gravy is this Ottawa-based rapper’s newest mixtape which is set to be available for digital download and in hard copy March 24, 2012. Because of the copyrighted samples that are used, the 12 track melodic melange is FREE no matter where you get it. Over top of manipulated Beatles and Neil Young favourites, you can expect open-minded lyrics and a world wide perspective coming from Waldo’s lyrics. This globetrotting MC wrote most of the lyrics while living abroad in Shanghai, China in 2010-2011, and found great inspiration in traveling. Short after he returned to the Great White North, Waldo linked up with his old friend Teddy KGB at Odd Angle Studios to get started on recording the project. The concept of Mashed & Gravy is a play on words that came from the idea that these mashed up songs would sound extra gravy, but has since expanded to a full blown theme. Peep the cover art that features Waldo in a chef uniform holding a grandiose serving of decadent Mashed & Gravy served on a vinyl record platter, as well as a track list in the form of a menu. The wait is finally over, indulge my people, masterpiece has been cooked to perfection! Facebook:www.facebook.com/dallaswaldo Twitter:https://twitter.com/DallasWaldo519 YouTube Channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/DallasWaldo?feature=guide

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