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March 30, 2012

On Saturday, January 28th, 2012: The CapCityHipHop Media Team attended the KOTD Capital Invasion 3 rap battles, hosted at Ritual Night Club. The Event was hosted by Organic, Gully The Kid and (RUN613) D-Bar. All the GZ Artist battled for the winning position, as some artist took home a loss.
If you would like to view the Capital Invasion 3 battles (click on link) http://www.youtube.com/user/GroundZeroBattles . After the event the CapCityHipHop Media Team got to sit down with battle artist SMP, Bulle, Young Casper, Kinaze, D-Rose and Don Juan for an Exclusive Interview.


CapCityHipHop: SMP! Where are you from man? What are you all about?

SMP: Yeah I am SMP, proudly representing Cornwall, Ontario. I’m actually half English, my mom came here on the boat and we came to Cornwall and that’s where I’m from. Reppin’ the wall all day.

CCHH: How long have you been spittin’?

SMP: Since a year after high school, that’s when I started. So it’s been about 8-9 years in the making.

CCHH: And when did you get into battling?

SMP: I used to make fun of people publicly with freestyles since I started rapping but King of the Dot, I made my debut a year ago in Montreal.

CCHH: I like your approach to battling. Sort of keep your emotions in the ring and don’t take it too personal.

SMP: It’s like at the end of the day a lot of battle rappers catch feelings. But I’m going in there, I might say something relevant, but for the most part I’m trying to say something to discredit you as a man. I’m trying to make fun of you. I want your parents to watch this and not you to be their son anymore, it’s just the way it is. Battle rap has become so crazy when it comes to disses like people are bring up dead people and shit like that. I don’t get down with stuff like that but I will do almost anything it takes to make you seem like a piece of shit. And I worked really hard on this battle I just had in Ottawa.

CCHH: Are you doing anything in the studio right now?

SMP: Yeah I have my first studio project coming out SMP: So many personalities. I’m my own worst critic when it comes to that though. This one’s gonna have 11 tracks and I was actually in the studio working on my actual CD. I’m really excited about that one. I’m gonna have Belly on that, Crooked Eye, Disaster, the whole Slaughterhouse on one joint, which is gonna be a crazy joint. I’m trying to work with a lot Ottawa artists too. I’m trying to just build as much as I can.

CCHH: Do you prefer battling or working in the studio?

SMP: Man that’s a tough question. Because I’m such a critic I want all my songs to be perfect. I’m now mixing my own songs because whatever I release I want it to sound perfect. But to answer which I prefer, I don’t know. I love the aftermath of a song because everyone is able to listen to that forever but for a battle I just love…like I would rather record a battle than record a track. So I enjoy doing the battle and I enjoy the fruits of your labor from recordings.

CCHH: So where can we find your music?

SMP: You can check me out at youtube.com/tharealsmp and I’m all over the web fuckin’ with different blogs. I’m working with Promo-Kings too. They’re killin’ it getting my music on every single blog out there and they’re amazing.

“SMP givin’ a huge shout out to Capcityhiphop.com. If you don’t know what it is, now you do. BAM!”


CCHH: Give us some basic info, what’s your name? where are you from?

B: Bulle from Scarborough, Toronto. Know what I’m saying, east end, all day from Scarborough, you know what I’m saying.

CCHH: How’d you feel going into the battle today? How do you think it went?

B:  Going into the battle, I knew it was going to get hectic, you know what I’m saying? He’s a home town guy, he’s tough. I do my history, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been studying up. He’s been off sine a hot minute, I’ve been consistent battling. I’m in a bit of a slump but whatever, no excuses you know. I gotta come with my best, and he got the best of me. There’s a lot of heated talk going on, lots of heat going down, he got the best of me, he’s a crazy battler, you know what I’m saying?

CCHH: How do you feel about the Ottawa scene now that you’re down here?

B: It’s a lot like Toronto still, there’s only a couple things that are missing, you know what I’m saying? And there’s a lot more snow! That’s all I can say. But its crazy out here, a lot of good shit popping off, this weekend especially.

CCHH: How long have you been battling? Give me some idea of your road here.

B: been battling for the past year, you know? New battles every three or four weeks, I win one, and I lose one you know what I’m saying, I’ve had like 12 battles and won 9 or 10 of them, you know what I’m saying? Took a few losses but that’s part of the game.

CCHH: what’s your process for planning for a battle? How do you write your rhymes? How do you write your jokes?

B: I know theses guys like a lot of jokes bars, they appreciate bars, but it has to be really good for them to catch it. Guys are looking for a lot of good, classic, comedy jokes. So it gets real hard, I gotta structure my shit, that’s something I do, manage what I do and I manage my jokes, try to take a win.

CCHH: Do you have any projects going on? Are you recording at the moment?

B: Currently I’m not recording, I’m just battle rapping, but now it’s on. Gotta get that recording game up, it’s game time now. Just gotta get everything lined up.

CCHH: give me a couple words on your style, and how you feel it has developed?

B: I get all over it, everywhere, east side Toronto, you know what I’m saying? I just gotta show what the fuck I been through, you know what I’m saying? You cant rap about shit you don’t know about, you can’t make jokes that you don’t know if these guys are gonna react to. You just gotta go with what the fuck you know is good, with what the fuck you came for you.

Bulle: capcityhiphop.com you know what I’m saying? Ottawa’s number 1 urban media site.

Young Casper

CapcityHiphop: So who are we here with and where are you from?

YC: This is Young Casper, I’m from Oshawa 905, Ontario. Just came out here to King of the Dot the battle.

CCHH: And how did the battle go?

YC: Good…I won. The guy (100 bullets) had made a diss track about me online and I got very heated about it so that’s basically what made me destroy him. That’s pretty much it.

CCHH: So how long have you been spittin’?

YC: I’m 21 so it’s been 11 years now…I rapped when Kris Kross came out, real shit they’re the ones who started me. Make fun or not but Kris Kross with those backwards clothes brought me into hip-hop. That’s what it is.

CCHH: How long have you been battling?

YC: This year. This was my sixth battle and I plan to keep doing it until can’t or until my name isn’t relevant anymore.

CCHH: And what’s your record so far?

YC: Universal it’s like 4-3, and now my King of the Dot is 3-1. So I’m doing pretty good I think.

CCHH: What projects do you have going on besides battling?

YC: I have a mixtape coming out called Converse and Paper Planes and I’m opening for Royce da 5’9 and Raekwon soon. I got lots of stuff going on. I’m not a super star or anything but just make little moves and I got good people helping me out and I’m getting respect for what I’m doing.

CCHH: Where’s the Royce da 5’9 show gonna be?

YC: That show’s gonna be in Oshawa February 12th at Status Lounge. Pretty dope he’s gonna come rock the show. We get lots of people out there, my boy Peter Jackson always has the shows poppin’ and he represents me a lot.

CCHH: Where can we find your music?

YC: IF you want to check out the youtube channel riseupTV I have a couple songs on there. You can find my music at reverbnation.com/youngcasper as well. You can hit me up on Twitter @yungcasper905 , you can follow me there too.

“Yo this is Young Casper I’m with Capcityhiphop.com they’re the realest in the game and you gotta come check that out. One!”

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Interviews By: Jesse Kelly, Taras Bliz & Nate G

Edited By:Jesse Kelly, Taras Bliz & Nate G

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