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March 30, 2012

This Is a Continuation of the Capital Invasion 3 Interviews with Kinaze, D-Rose, Daun Juan & D-Bar

Interview with Kinaze

CapcityHipHop: What’s your name man? Where are you from?

Kinaze: My name Kinaze, I’m from sauga city. I just came out of a battle with Adzman, he’s a dope guy but we both came unprepared, we both stumbled every round. He had his own issues, he’s gonna say he doesn’t make excuses and I respect that but let’s be real. He’s really dope and I’m down for a rematch anytime.

CCHH: So how long have you been spittin?

KInaze: I’ve been spittin since I was 14. I was doing free battles at the time on the beat, 30 seconds per round. My school used to have freestyle Friday and I went in just for fun and ended up destroying the kid. After that I just got hooked on it and started writing all day.

CCHH: When you battle do you research your opponent before you go into it?

Kinaze: To be honest, no. The only thing I kinda did research for was my battle against C-Dunne and I didn’t research anything. I just paid his boy $20 and he gave me like 15 minutes of personals.

CCHH: Who won that battle?

Kinaze: He won that battle. One, because my performance was garbage. Two, because he was good. And three, he had a lot of mom jokes which the crowd loved for some reason. But nah, he won that battle.

CCHH: Do you mimic your style after anyone else or do you just do your own thing:

Kinaze: No…actually did you watch my battle?

CCHH: I did, it was sick. You held it down.

Kinaze: It’s very original. I try to do my own thing. I mix lyricism with comedy, but not like those other rappers. I do my own thing so I’m not afraid to spit pure hard bars about something you need to be intelligent to get, like about science or biology and it doesn’t matter what I do it still hits really hard.

CCHH: Are you working on any studio stuff at the moment?

Kinaze: Ya actually I have a mixtape releasing soon. It’s a 2CD mixtape but I haven’t decided if I’m gonna put it on iTunes or not, I might get a few people to check it out first and see the content. But ya I’ve been working on it for about four or five months. It’s pretty dope.

“Shoutout to Capcityhiphop they’ve been doing it big.”



Q: Give us the break down, what’s your name, where are you from?

A: Full name is Jesse Derose, a.k.a D-Rose some people ask me why the fuck do you call yourself that, the whole reason is because my last name is derose, I’ve just been called that since I was a fuckin’ kid. So it’s just never changed since then, it’s been the same nickname since birth, yeah.

Q: You’re from the east end here in Ottawa?

A: Blackburn, right beside Orleans yeah.

Q: You just said before we sat down here, you needed your first loss, how did you feel about the battle? Did you feel strong going in? strong coming out? How was it?

A: Oh yeah, without a doubt I felt like even though I did lose in this one I felt a lot better than I did in my first two battles. I said it in my second battle during the interview that I was not loud enough, that seems to be an ongoing trend with the local artists that actually go into battles these days, you’re not loud enough. Look at madchild, look at j-bru, same thing. So that was my problem in my first one, I was loud enough in my second one, this one I felt completely comfortable, even though I lost, I felt like it was a good one.

Q: what do you think about the Ottawa scene?

A: the Ottawa hip hop scene? I’ve been watching KOTD since the start, since they started with their little alleyway battles, when Organik would just call up people and ask them to battle, and I figured I wanted to get in for awhile. Ottawa, I kept trying to tell them about KOTD, I find it’s an underground city, a lot of the people, they do their own thing, but the point is a lot of people didn’t even care about the battling scene, and while I’m saying that, the truth is, now that its here and people are going to the shows its becoming a big phenomenon here and without a doubt its just going to get bigger and bigger.

Q: What else are you involved with in Canadian hip-hop? Are you a recording artist, are you working on something right now?

A: I can definitely give you the down low on that, a few people have actually been asking me about ‘hey I’ve heard your songs before, why haven’t you been coming out with more songs?’ Long story short, I guess you can say I’m not even a real artist because I recorded songs back in the day when I was a kid, I’m 22 now, I recorded when I was 16, 15 whatever the case was. I had a computer with about maybe 40 songs at the time that were completely finished or almost done, with a verse, or a second verse waiting for other people to jump on a chorus, whatever, and my computer crashed, and everything was gone. And ever since that I stopped recording and I just figured I’d jump in the battle scene, the point is that now that I’m in it, I’m definitely recording more, and I have a few things coming out, not an album, but a few songs here and there.

Q: Where can people hear your stuff? Do you have anything up online?

A: nope, not even, like you heard me say at the beginning of the battle, I represent absolutely nothing, I got no fucking website,  I got no this, I got no that, I did have www.soundclip.com/uptoprecords for beats. That’s about it. Besides that you’ll see a Twitter page soon, a Myspace page soon, everything coming out soon, I just need to put a couple battles in first.

Q: When youre coming up doing your battles, you know who you’re up against. What is your process?  How do you plan? How do your rhymes come to you? How do you craft your jokes?

A: 100% most of my stuff is personal, I like to look at the peoples old battles and see what they like to touch on with their opponents. This time, Kid Platinum, I probably would have had a hard time writing against him if he didn’t write all those gun bars and stuff in the last bit, so I like to go personal like I said, and that’s about it. I don’t do anything besides what’s relevant to who I’m going against.

D-Rose: capcityhiphop.com, without a doubt, check them out, and look out for D-Rose’s battles too.


Daun Jaun

CapCityHipHop: So what’s your name and where are you from man?

Don Jaun: My legal name is Jaun Ramirez, my stage name is The Courier AKA Where you Jaunderin and my battle name is Don Jaun.

CCHH: Where are you from?

DJ: I was born in Guatemala City. I immigrated to Canada in 1990 and I’ve been in Calgary ever since.

CCHH: How long have you been spittin?

DJ: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Like 10-11 years, since I was 12.

CCHH: And how long have you been battling?

DJ: Like three or four years now.

CCHH: How do you think your battle went?

DJ: I think it went well. There’s a huge stigma in battle rapping with punchlines getting a huge reaction from the audience. As an artist and as a rapper I use lyrics that make people think and I think I accomplished that.

CCHH: Do you research your opponents before you battle them?

DJ: I do a bit of research but I try to write my bars in a way that is universal to everyone. It’s like saying if I was a boxer would I train to fight a specific opponent? Well no, I would train to crush any opponent.

CCHH: Do you take any inspiration from other artists or do you stick to your own style.

DJ: To be honest, as an artist I don’t listen to as much hip-hop as I used to. Hip-hop is just a watered down way for people to say they don’t like rap. I take a lot of inspiration from soul, blues, and jazz. I’m an instrumentalist and I was a singer my whole life so I actually look at things from a very musical perspective.

CCHH: What do you play?

DJ: I play keyboard and the acoustic guitar. I’ve been messing with the kaossilator too, that thing’s dope.

CCHH: Other than battling are you doing anything else in hip-hop?

DJ: Ya I’ve been making music for about 10 years. I’ve got six mixtapes and a full album. I have taken a step back the last year or two to work on a really cohesive project. It’s something I want to do for a living so I really want to take a good stab at it. It’s like planting a tree and if it grows out crooked you can’t straighten it. I still have time to rip out that tree and plant it straight.

CCHH: What other projects are you working on?

DJ: Right now I’m really working on developing a sound. I changed my stage name from Don Jaun to Where you jaunderin. My whole persona is that I am the message, a message that I have to bring, that’s what I’m bringing to the table.

CCHH: So where can we find your stuff?

DJ: You can find on reverbnation.com/donparacelus. I’m also on hulkshare. You can download all my music for free. I don’t believe in charging anybody. I do it because I love it and I’d be making it if I was making money off it or not. I just want people to really take it in and enjoy it. Music is like medicine and you can really help people with what you’re doing.

“Capcityhiphop you already dun know man. In the building from T. to Ottawa to Calgary we in here. Whatchu know about that.”


A Few Words with D-Bar

Capital Invasion 3 at Ritual Night Club was a great start to the New Year for KOTD GZ Ottawa.The card featured only GZ Battlers from the Toronto area and Ottawa and Cornwall. It was a day of minor chokes and slip ups from some of the Emcee’s.It happens! It was a good turn out and the fan’s showed us nothing but love. It is appreciated and thats why KOTD will be in the Capital for a long time.

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Interviews By: Jesse Kelly, Taras Bliz & Nate G

Edited By:Jesse Kelly, Taras Bliz & Nate G



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