Juno Hoops Ottawa 2012

April 5, 2012

This past weekend we saw the Juno Awards come to the capital with events going on all around the city. Juno Hoops, the second annual celebrity basketball game in support of MusiCounts, took place at the Montpetit Hall Gymnasium on the University of Ottawa campus.

MusiCounts is Canada’s music education charity associated with The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS). To kick-off JUNO Week, twenty players, consisting of Canadian musicians and athletes, competed for the Juno Hoops trophy. Canadian artists flooded the city and took part in the weekend’s festivities. Capcityhiphop had a chance to talk with some artists before the awards at the Juno Hoops charity basketball game.

The game featured local Ottawa DJ’s, DJ TDOT with DJ Paq and Kenny B was also in attendance. Other participants included JRDN, Jason Simmons, Ray Robinson, Rich London, and J Staffz.

After he was awarded MVP of the game, JRDN spoke to Capcityhiphop on what it was like to be nominated for two awards. “It feels amazing to be recognized in your own country after so much hard work.” JRDN also talked about work for the future and the video for the last single for his album being finished. He also gave out some Canadian love saying he would love to work with Drake or The Weeknd on a project.

Capcityhiphop also had a chance to speak with Ray Robinson and J Staffz about the festivities. We asked Ray about the Junos being back in Ottawa, “It’s a good look,” he said, ”I don’t get a chance to come down here as much so it’s nice for it to be going on in another city.” He also mentioned a new single to be released in the next month.

We also had a chance to catch up with J Staffz and talk about what he’s working on as well as his new found fame. We asked him if he was working on anything at the moment. “Right now I’m working on my own project. I’m working with a new artist, her name is El. She’s amazing. I have a record coming up with her and Bizarre from D12.” He also mentioned working on his own music to take advantage of his large twitter following. “It’s crazy, I was in Montreal and these girls are just like ‘Oh my God, I just saw J Staffz.”

The juno hoops game was a success, and it showed a lot of talent and that canadian artists can come together and have a good time. Here is a video provided by Marina Boy Entertainment for a quik look of what went on at event.

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Photos By Taras Bliz & Nate G

Edited By: Taras Bliz & Nate G

Video Shot & Edited By: Andrew Chow for Marina Boy Entertainment


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