F.Printz – Motives and Intent

July 20, 2012

Motives and Intent Ep is the first solo effort by F.Printz with features from other hometown talents. This 11 track “mixtape” gives an album feel with the progression of each song. In a day in age where music lacks subtance and the ability to leave an impression, F.Printz shows humility rather than boastful raps. Stringing together an array of thought-provoking lyrics over soothing beats, his motives and intentions are to deliver good music that will be recogized. 

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1. Motives and Intent
2. Morning Message
3. Egoes
4. Piece Of The Pie
5. Lighters
6. We High
7. Aaliyah’s Interlude
8. Money Pains
9. Fed Up
10. The Outro
11. New God Flow (bonus)

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