Exclusive Interview with City Fidelia

August 2, 2012

Hip hop music’s heyday may be over.  With the demise of the traditional recording industry, rap music has fallen from the lucrative position it held at the end of the 90’s and beginning of the new millennium.  While elements such as the battle scene via King Of The Dot, social media, and old fashion grinding are tactics emerging artists use to get seen and heard to develop a following, nothing helps an artist like good quality music, enter City Fidelia.  The Ottawa based Emcee has been getting it in for a few years now, breaking into new venues and playlists.  His next live show is coming up in a matter of days.  I took some time out to link up and have a quick talk about his music and career.

Jugga: So I’ve been listening to a bit of your material and I’m really feeling it.  I don’t find many emerging Emcees in this market who leave that type of impression on me, still you are one of the few.  Your flow, writing and delivery sound very cohesive and tight. How long have you been doing this and who are your influences musically?

City Fidelia: Well I’ve been doing this since I was like five or six years old, my father was a musician so I used to go out with him and do shows and stuff.  As far as performing live and really getting out there well, we started doing a lot of shows last summer after we dropped the Japan and Haiti tribute track. So this is the 3rd   year since I started to make music videos and get seen and heard.

I really loved the bad boy movement in the 90’s, as well as Hov (Jay-Z) and Kanye for the simple fact that they find their own lane and stay with it; that’s what I’m trying to do, find my own lane and stick with it no matter the trends. I’m open to all sorts of music and appreciate a lot of what’s out there but I feel it’s important to have my own sound.

Jugga: Do you perform live often? As an emerging artist how much importance do you place on playing live?

City Fidelia: I’ve been performing close to every week or two since January, started off as an opening act for  Bow Wow, then Fabolous in 2011,  after that  A$AP Rocky, Elzhi, then Obie Trice, next up is the Action Bronson show.  The fan base definitely grew with the continuous performing. We didn’t just perform we connected with the crowd, we gave them good energy and once you give good energy out you’ll get it back!

Jugga: I just watched and listened to the new music video for Amazing Feeling, I dig it.  What is your take on youtube videos and social media as a means to build a fan base and develop a career?

City Fidelia: These are definitely big things, youtube and social media provides opportunity. For example, I have a team in Ottawa who produces my stuff here, you have that opportunity to stay in your city but connect with people all over the world without even being there. Your videos can reach the masses. Also, I really think visuals are important for the fact that they bring out the song, it helps develop an understanding of what the song is about when you see visuals.

Jugga: So what kind of show do we have to look forward to on Friday August 10?

City Fidelia: We’re going to do what we been doing, gonna shut it down, I’m bringing the movement: my producer Salam, Galangster, my road manager Eazy and my DJ Kaptev.  I’ll perform some songs off the upcoming project Blind Spot. I’m going to be doing Amazing Feeling, and a bunch of other tracks.  We have a freestyle thing we usually do, I’m not going to ruin it but people go crazy when they hear it!

Jugga: Alright man, I’m looking forward to your performance, I’ll be seeing you there, any last words?

City Fidelia: Yeah big up the movement SMAD, and big shouts to Triple B.

Catch City Fidelia, along with Cashtro and DJ Mes, Raz Fresco and the headliner Action Bronson live August 10’th in Ottawa at Babylon Nightclub. The CapCityHipHop Media team will be covering this event. For more info check out: https://www.facebook.com/BldBlocksEnt

Author: Patrick “Jugga” Mc Cormack

Edited By:Patrick “Jugga” Mc Cormack & Nate G

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