Flight Distance – Blanket Party (Official Video) Bad Information

August 23, 2012

BUY IT NOW: http://flightdistance.bandcamp.com/track/blanket-party

Video credits:
Director: Edward Fawcett Sharpe
Producers: Edward Fawcett Sharpe, Joel Barnes, Steve Jones
Cinematographer: Joel Barnes
Editor: Edward Fawcett Sharpe
AD/Colouring Grading: Steve Jones

Music credits:
Performed and written by: Flight Distance (Bender, Patience, DJ Calkuta)
Produced by: Crack Moses 
With post-production from: Kaem
Mixed by: James Hancock
From the acclaimed Flight Distance album, “Bad Information”, 2011.

Winner (tied for first place) of the OIFF 2012 Music Video Challenge.

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