City Fidelia – The Blind Spot

October 13, 2012

THE BLINDSPOT is a fifteen track project by City Fidelia that explores and revolves around the theme of been from an area where your presence is constantly hindered. So far City Fidelia has released two viral videos/singles from the project “EDL and Amazing feeling” respectively and I refrain from using the word mixtape or album with this release because it is neither. It is not his debut album but it is also further from a mixtape, it is a PROJECT. A collection of well thought out ideas that were well executed.

The project highlights the hard work associated with been an artist or a dreamer from a “not so popular place”, hence the line “Small city, big dreams” that’s found in the intro. The project as well as the artist connects these efforts perfectly clear by the context of his music, the choice of beats and content and the overall Sonics of the project. 

The reason we refer to it as a project is because we approached this release with an indie mindset. We’ll put out whatever records, concepts or visuals we want in order to stand out from the rest of our demographic. But also generally challenge other artist to put out more music that can add to the culture as oppose to just been a part of it.

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2.S.A.M.O ft Victor Nesrallah
5.Ride The Wave
6.Dreams Caught Up
7.Just Gimmie The Time 
8.Under Construction/Work
9.Girls Gone Wild ft Cashtro Crosby
10.Voyage ft.Freshman 
11.Amazing Feeling 
12.Wake Up
14.Hotter Than July
15.Blue Sky/C’est la vie

We understand no one owes us anything and we still have so much to prove so all we want is a chance to establish ourselves worthy. The majority of the production was handled by Salaam Status, Carpe Dm, Freshman, Freddie Joachim, and CircaBeatz. 

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