Erich Mrak – I’m Sorry (Official Music Video)

October 18, 2012

This is what I spent my summer doing, recording, and filming this video. It means a lot to me. #muchlove. Dedicated to my grandfather. He passed away today, Tuesday, October 16, 2012. 
Download link :
Music video by Emily DiRenzo –
Song produced, mixed, and mastered by Verns.
Recorded at Homeschooled Studios.
Lyrics written by Erich Mrak.
Poem at the beginning written by Amanda B.
Additional footage provided by Erich Mrak and Quinn Goodwin.

Thanks for watching.

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Special thanks to Emily Direnzo, Verns, Chauncy Craighead, Amanda B, Josh Blaque, Alexa Naccarato, Greg Boyd, Eddie Quotez, Monique Simonot, Samantha C, Justin Yan, A.M, S.A, M.B, T.T, M.G, and everyone else who helped out, and inspired this video.

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