Action Bronson Live In Ottawa, Includes Exclusive Footage, Interview & More

April 14, 2013

Action Bronson returned to Ottawa for his second performance, taking the stage at Barrymores Music Hall on Wednesday, March 20. Along with Bronson, concert goers were treated to performances by some dope emerging Ottawa talent including Cashtro Crosby, Jarett Lopez, City Fidelia, Slightly Famous and Young N Restless.

Bronson took the stage with a bottle of GREY GOOSE® Vodka and a handful of plastic cups for the front row of the crowd. He poured them each a shot or two and then got the set started. Typical Action Bronson, always thinking of the fans.

Bronson was about three songs in when he stopped rapping and pulled a girl from the crown onto the stage. He appeared to be dragging her around until finally lifting her up onto his shoulders with her back facing the crowd. At that point the crowd was loud and screamed uncontrollably with excitement. The girl rejoined the audience shortly after, no worse for wear.

Bronson played more of his set before taking a break to speak with the audience. He hyped them up and helped get a mosh pit started right in middle of the floor. Security arrived shortly after to break it up.

The rest of the performance went through without incident.

After the concert, CapCityHipHop and HipHopCanada joined forces once again for a quick one-on-one interview with Action Bronson before he hit the road for his Toronto show the next day. We were able to talk to him about his second time around in Canada, How he feels about performing at Coachelle and more. Check out the exclusive video below and can find some photos from the evening after the jump.


“Thanks to the Bydek Group for a great show and their continued support.”

Written By: Nate G & HipHopCanada Staff

Filmed By: The CapCityHipHop Media Team(Nate G & Patrick Mc Cormack)

Edited By: @Doughski Films

Photos By: Danna St.John

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