July 10: Killer Mike, EL-P | July 12: Dzeko & Torres, Tommy Trash at Ottawa’s Bluesfest ’13 (Coverage)

August 10, 2013

Killer Mike, an Atlanta born rapper, gave the nation’s capital an exceptional performance at Bluesfest on July 10. He describes himself as a Pan-Africanist gangster rapper, civic leader, and activist. He played a positive and uplifting set, calling for unity of the whole human race.  His die-hard fans were live in full force, rapping along with every lyric despite the heat and humidity. He mentioned to the crowd, “Its hot like hell in the South… and Ottawa… let me tell you, it’s hot today!”. Killer Mike performed fan favorites like I ain’t Never Scared  and Thom Pettie. He also shared some tracks such as Ghetto Gospel and Butaine featuring El-P off his sixth studio album titled R.A.P Music. He ended his set with a well composed acapella and made his down from the stage and in the embracful crowd to give his fans a real moment to remember.DSC_3866


El-P rocked the River Stage, at Ottawa’s Bluesfest on July 10th, 2013.  He is an accomplished producer and rapper from Brooklyn, New York.  He has always been one to push the boundaries of hip-hop by incorporating alternative sounds. El-P stylistically is a gritty, aggressive lyricist, and rhythmically he has a one of a kind flow.  He is also not afraid to incorporate, rock and roll, jazz, and futuristic elements to his music. He was accompanied by a keyboardist and DJ, and made it a point to say he was bringing back the “keytar” back to hip-hip. 

(For those you that are not familiar with the “keytar”, it’s a small lightweight keyboard that is strapped around the neck like a guitar). 

He performed, The Full Retard, and, Sign Here, off his 4th full length studio album dubbed, Cancer for Cure.  He also invited Killer Mike on the stage for, Tough Colder Killer. (Recently the two, El-P and Killer Mike, have ventured into a collaborative project, calling themselves, Run the Jewels). The overall set was innovative hip-hop at its finest and his fans were definitely beyond satisfied.  


                                                DSC_3834Toronto’s very own Dzeko and Torres, a DJ duo specializing in House Music are new comers to the game but are quickly raking up the credibility. They are really starting to make a fan base in Ontario, and that was apparent on July 12th when they performed on the Blacksheep stage at Ottawa’s Bluesfest. The crowd was fist pumping along to their original mixes. They remixed hip-hop club anthems like Kid Cudi’s, Pursuit of Happiness and Trinidad James’, All Gold Everything. By the number of people up on their feet dancing, their hopes for international notoriety are right around the corner!DSC_3960


Tommy Trash, an Australian, international super star DJ, played an electrifying set at Ottawa’s Bluesfest on July12th.   He performed on the Blacksheep stage, and a sea of people swarmed in to witness the event.  There were hundreds of fans present, and not one of them missed a beat. The whole crowd danced for the entire night.  Trash not only pleased his audience with his original mixes and impressive stage lightening, he pleased them by making it an interactive set and truly giving them the international experience they paid for.  Capcity hop-hop’s media team asked some concert goers if they were enjoying their experience, and unanimous response was, “Absolutely!”  

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