Dallas Waldo Ft. Eunice Png – Not That Easy

October 17, 2013

Relationships are never easy, and ending them is even more strenuous. That’s exactly what this song is about. On one hand you want to move on. You want to forget about the pain and betrayal, as well as escape the emptiness that haunts you in a lonely bed at night. At the same time, memories of how great things used to be just don’t allow it. It’s the cross-contamination of these heart-wrenching emotions that torment us to point where we can give up on love altogether. We try to fill the gaps with makeshift lovers and alcohol, but of course–it’s not that easy.

Written by: Dallas Waldo
Performed by: Dallas Waldo & Eunice Png
Audio Recording: Smooth Studio Taipei
Production: Fly on the Waltz
Engineering: Andrew Salim
Video Script: Dallas Waldo and Magali-Brun Okroglic
Filming and Visual Editing: Heidi Films
Lead Acting Roles: Dallas Waldo, Eunice Png?Helen Sharp & Lee Shih-Chun

Special thanks to:
Revolver Bar
Sappho Lounge
????Taxi Company
All the extras who made this video possible

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