Rapper T.I. stands with boxer May Weather before altercation

T.I. speaks on the Mayweather incident [Review]

June 18, 2014

On May 25th in Las Vegas at a Fat Burger restaurant the Atlanta rapper, Hustle Gang leader, T.I. approached the undeafeated boxer, Floyd ‘ Money ‘ Mayweather very aggressively, verbally abusing him when the boxer was eating his meal . T.I. then threw a punch at Mayweather, which lead to an even bigger altercation causing major chaos inside this restaurant, involving chairs & glass being thrown. But let’s just say, Mayweather still remains an undefeated champion. Apparently it is known that T.I.’s wife Tiny has been spending time with Mayweather, perhaps a little too much .. That would explain why Mayweather continuously yelled out ‘Control your bitch m********* !!’

The southern rapper T.I. then spoke briefly on the altercation in a recent interview with Hot97.

“Had that been anything that did transpire—I’m sure dude may be used to talking after his fights. I don’t talk after mines. Cause there ain’t really a whole lot to say, man. You know what I’m saying? I speak with action. After action is taken, man, conversation ceases…There was history. There was definitely history…I don’t care what you do to whoever else. I don’t care who you speak to / or how you speak to em. When you dealing with me you gonna deal with me like a man. I feel like my steps are guided, man. I’m a man of God. When I step I ain’t got nobody to fear, but God himself. I don’t got no fire I can’t walk through. I done been through it all.” –T.I.

Watch the full Hot 97 Interview below:

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