50 cent kisses grandmother in photo

50 Cent discusses his grandmother’s career advice

September 29, 2014

In a recent interview with Revolt, 50 Cent discussed the important role his late grandmother, Beulah Jackson, had on his life. He also spoke about the track “God Gave Me Style” and how it was one of his more important songs saying “If you asked me to make one wish, it would be for that record to be a success… And you know what happens? When I make the song, I go to my grandmother and I play the record for her”. “God Gave Me Style” was one of the few songs that his grandmother listened to, saying ‘Oh you made one for me’. When 50 was thinking about making his next album “A Little Different” she also then provided him with this advice for his career, “Just don’t forget why they liked you in the first place”.

Listen to 50 Cent’s Revolt Interview:

Written by @MzSarahW

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