(ODmE) release "Figure It Out" - ft Moka Only and Hana & "Amazing" feat Kelsey Vaz

ODmE release “Figure It Out” ft Moka Only and Hana & “Amazing” ft Kelsey Vaz

September 3, 2014

ODmE (The Open Disclosure Music Experience) release two new hits entitled “Figure It Out” ft Moka Only and Hana & “Amazing” ft Kelsey Vaz. “Figure It Out” featuring Moka Only & Hana addresses the consequences of poor decisions and encourages the youth to make smarter, wiser choices. In a time where youth violence is increasing in various parts of the world, a positive impact can be made with the right formula. ODmE believe that a timely message in a song can be that influential mechanism.

Record producer Perro Grande (ODmE) provides a smooth musical backdrop and does an excellent job on the song arrangement and mix. Lyrically, the song is a breath of fresh air. Both emcees, Xodus (ODmE) and Moka Only (Formerly of Swollen Members), deliver; painting vivid scenes through their pristine songwriting skills. Hana’s unique vocals and enchanting melodies assist in the execution of the emcees’ story.

Purchase “Figure It Out” on Itunes:https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/figure-it-out-full-version/id903418681?i=903418699&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Listen to “Figure It Out” Ft Moka Only & Hana:

The single “Amazing” feat Kelsey Vaz- ODmE (The Open Disclosure Music Experience) is another classic experiment describing their unorthodox and musical style.

The track opens with a somber indian flute-inspired riff and emcee Xodus complimenting the rhythm with his unique vocal and flow; Huge surprise near the mid point as Perro Grande makes the beat “DROP” into an EDM Dubstep sounding beat. Xodus continues, as he ups the lyrical ante and energy to match the crescendo.

The song ends with him announcing his return to game in a gritty gut-wrenching performance. The song ends with soothing vocals of Vaz summing up the entire verse in a sweet sounding hook.

Listen to “Amazing” Ft Kelsey Vaz:

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