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B.o.B – No Genre: The Label [Mixtape]

January 13, 2015

Showcasing the roster on his new label, B.o.B releases the new mixtape “No Genre, The Label”. The mixtape is packed with 18 tracks from B.o.B and his No Genre label including JaqueBeatz, Lin-Z, Jake Lambo, London Jae, DC Young Fly, Javi, and Scotty ATL along with T.I. The mixtape also features production by B.o.B, , J Padron, Low Keys, Kutt The Check, JaqueBeatz , DJ Burn One KE On The Track and 8track.

01. Going Up Feat. B.o.B, Lin Z, JaqueBeatz, Jake Lambo & London
02. Chaos Feat. Jake Lambo, JaqueBeatz, London Jae, Javi & B.
03. Wit My Name On It Feat. B.o.B, London Jae, Jake Lambo & Lin Z
04. Damn Feat. Lin Z
05. YRWAS Feat. London Jae, JaqueBeatz & B.o.B
06. Tour Bus Feat. JaqueBeatz, Jake Lambo & B.o.B
07. DC Young Fly Speaks
08. Yea Mama Feat. Scotty ATL, B.o.B & JaqueBeatz
09. I ont Really Feat. Scotty ATL & B.o.B
10. In The Air Feat. Lin Z, London Jae & B.o.B
11. Graduation Camp Feat. JaqueBeatz & T.I.
12. SK8 Feat. Jake Lambo, JaqueBeatz, B.o.B & London Jae
13. These Niggaz Feat. Jake Lambo, B.o.B & JaqueBeatz
14. Jimmy Fallon Feat. Scotty ATL, B.o.B & London Jae
15. Any Means Feat. Scotty ATL, London Jae, JaqueBeatz & Jake Lamb
16. Juice & Gin Feat. B.o.B, Jake Lambo & Lin Z
17. Watch Me Feat. B.o.B, Scotty ATL & London Jae
18. Outro

Stream B.O.B “No Genre: The Label”:

B.o.B – No Genre: The Label

Written by @MzSarahW

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