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March 18, 2015

Hailing from the National Capital Region, City Fidelia, has released his highly anticipated project dubbed, “A Pisces World”. The title of the project refers to his Zodiac sign and he fittingly dropped the project on his birthday March 10th. City always brings a deeper artistic meaning to his efforts, which leaves me wondering what relevance does being a “Pisces” have to him and to this project. A Pisces is compassionate, adaptable, devoted and imaginative. After listening to the collection, for me “Pisces World” is really a window in to the imagination and the adaptability of City’s eclectic and progressive style.

City is known for slowing it down and incorporating an R&B type style into his flow which he seems to do effortlessly. He works with producers Salam Status, NDMA, P. Picasso and Goldstripes to bring you a collection of “new wave” heaters. The intro features a futuristic spoken word poem that sets an alluring, laid back vibe, which is synonymous with his specific brand of hip-hop, and really sets the tone for the whole EP.
Tracks “She Wanna” and “Monologue” show off a more gritty side of the MC. This gives the project a certain sort of dimension and depth. While tracks “Stress Free” and “All In” showcase his lyricism and smooth vocals. The several new wave layers of “A Pisces World” are yours to explore.

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Written by: @TuneIntoMoj

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