Cashtro Crosby releases "Trill God" album on iTunes

Cashtro Crosby releases “Trill God” album on iTunes [News]

April 14, 2015

From Pittsburgh to Ottawa, Triple B Records artist Cashtro Crosby releases his second official album entitled “Trill God“. Engined by manifestation of a state of mind, it was coined by Pimp C to mean a person of ‘true’ and ‘real’ characteristics; someone being their full self. While Crosby admittedly was not in this state at the beginning of the project, having felt as if he lost himself, he knew it wasn’t where he wanted to be nor the true essence of who he was. “Being trill is not smoking big, sipping all day, and hustling all day,” said Crosby. “Don’t let the media define something that is ours & they don’t know about.” Thus, the birth of “Trill God” is the birthing of a new mind-state, which is exactly what it did for Crosby, the same as it’ll do for its listeners.

Cashtro Crosby releases "Trill God" album on iTunes

In his first singularly-produced album, he teams up with Sticcy Beats for the first anthem-driven single, “Bet The House On Me,” the stoners-anthem “1000 Blunts,” and the no-holds-bar “No Bluff” to name a few from the 11-track release. From beginning to end, you’re taken on a journey of growth from his testimony in “Preaching Game” to his life struggles, victories, and dreams. “Trill God” is now available on iTunes. Check it out below.

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