The Weeknd’s Coachella Performance

The Weeknd’s Coachella Performance [Video]

The Weekend put on an hour long performance at Coachella on April 11th. Festival-goers appeared more than satisfied with his performance of favorites off older and newer projects, with impactful performances of “The Morning” from, the cult classic, House of Balloons and “Belong to the World” off of Kissland, to name a few. Mid way through his performance Abel shared an unreleased song, produced by Million $Mano and rumored to be titled “Mood Music”. The formerly visually anonymous artist had no problem engaging and captivating the crowd singlehandedly.

He truly allowed his voice and artistry to be the single focal point of the larger than life Coachella Festival stage.

Watch The Weeknd’s performance here:

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Written by: @TuneIntoMoj

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