Police suspect link between Chinx’s drive-by and Stacks Bundles murder (News)

May 21, 2015

After the drive-by shooting of rapper Chinx, on Sunday May 17, police are now investigating possible links between the drive-by and the 2007 murder of Stacks Bundles. Bundles, who was a mentor and friend to Chinx, was shot twice in front of his apartment back in June of 2007, at the time Chinx was imprisoned for robbery. Due to some similarities between the two incidents, police are exhausting all possible connections between the two murders. Both were up and coming rappers with anticipated music about to drop, they both had connections to bigger acts, and that they were both killed in the early morning following local performances.


Many in the music industry have expressed their sadness over this loss including artist Max B. who had this to say about Chinx,

“I don’t know if people realize how close we was and sh–. Like we all used to be in my crib, French, me, him… I’d be with Chinx every day, Chinx used to spend the night at my joint… We used to be making music and shit. People really don’t hear us on songs together because at the time he used to come stay in my spot, I was on trial, so I was goin’ through my own shit, I was stressed out, I wasn’t really making no music when I had started trial. So that’s the only reason people don’t hear us on songs together.”

Listen to Max B’s phone call from jail on the death of Chinx Drugz in the video below.

Fans have set up a memorial to honour Chinx; he is survived by his wife and three children.

By @MzSarahW

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