Indie’s Hoodie Allen & Blakdenim take the stage Day 2 of RBCBluesfest 2015 [News]

July 15, 2015

July 9th RBC Bluesfest 2015 Coverage

Blakdenim, an eight piece, indie hip hop fusion band, performed live on July 9th, at RBC’s Bluesfest on the Canadian stage. This Ottawa based band showcased their talent and creativity, with charm and finesse. They incorporate thought-provoking rap lyrics blended with smooth soulful female vocals over banging percussion and a killer brass section, resulting in this unique sound that is truly all their own. Blakdenim ties together elements from nearly every genre you can imagine, ranging from hip hop, to funk, to jazz, to rock and roll.


They shared songs of their recent EP VANGARD(EN) such as, “DeCypher”, “One Hit” , and “Horticulture”. Precise Kenny Creole (lead male rap vocalist) engaged the crowd with his interactive set and rhythmic rhyming style. Whilst Erin Tomkins (female vocalist) with power vocals added an element of soul that really compliments the brass, percussion and bass.


 This group did not miss a beat in terms of their performance, they even gave their fans a short dance break/battle. Looking at the eclectic crowd they drew in, it is very clear that Blakdenim is proven example of how music transcends boundaries. Blakdenim is on our radar and should be on yours as-well.

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Hoodie Allen, an indie American hip hop artist out of Plainview, New York, performed in Ottawa for the very first time at Ottawa’s Bluesfest on the Claridge Homes Stage, accompanied by a DJ and two guitarist. Hoodie’s mixes hip-hop with elements with rock, punk and pop. Dancing and delivering his rhymes, he definitely appeared to be enjoying himself on stage, and the festival goers couldn’t get enough.




He performed songs from his first EP dubbed, “All American”. However, for the day, he told his fans, that it would be called “All Canadian”. Hoodie was really humbled by the incredible turnout he received, he threw some swag into the audience to show his love. He even went so far as to replace Brooklyn for Ottawa while performing a crowd favorite “No Faith in Brooklyn”. He also performed chart topper, “No Interruptions” , and “Dumb For You” off of his debut studio album , “People Keep Talking”.

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Written by: @TuneIntoMoj

Photos by: @Spick_Chick81

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