12th Annual House of PainT 2015 Recap (Rock Tha House - Concert Under The Bridge) [News]

12th Annual House of PainT 2015 Recap (Rock Tha House – Concert Under The Bridge) [News]

September 26, 2015

12th Annual House of PainT 2015 Recap (Rock Tha House – Concert Under The Bridge) Recap

DJ 2Creamz


Day 3 of House of Paint took place on Friday, September 11. 2015  and had us under the Dunbar Bridge, at Ottawa’s first zoned legal graffiti wall and original location of the festival, for The Rock Tha House concert as well as the preliminary battles. The gates opened at 6 pm as DJ Ducat and DJ2creamz do what they do best, filled the grounds with some dope sound and gave spectators the tone of what a true night of hiphop sounds like.


Next on the stage and on the mic was much anticipated Jonathon Emile, 2x Grammy™ Nominated (LL) Recording Artist & Producer. His performance was phenomenal, even demonstrated his skills as a freestyler with the help of myself who provided him with 4 words to include in his verses.


Next up under the spotlight was Ottawa’s own Moun Fou, a talented artist who’s using his life story as inspiration in his music and beaming light into our youth by showing them that there are possibilities beyond the streets. His musical repertoire consists of songs in Creole, English and French which allows him to reach a larger audience. The highlight of his set was of course when he brought out fellow Ottawa artist Aspects and performed his hit “SummerTime” single which the crowd went wild for.


In between sets DJ Jervy Jerv got onto the the turn tables to laid the music out for the poppers preliminary battles. His music selection allowed guest judge and pop master, Fabel to really zero in on each contestants musicality and skills. In the end Jicky Wandji, Billo, Kemuel’Shadow’ Jean-Pierre and Jason Lord won their spots to move forward to the finals.

House of paint then hosted VNCHY, an Ottawa sensation who took everyone by storm. His energetic performance of his compilation of songs from the “Neverland” EP had everyone on their feet and jamming out. Next on the bill was Buck N Nice. This duo brings forth a unique sound and realness to the lyrics in their songs, that has everyone swaying and connecting to the music. Its no wonder they are crowd favorites.


Shortly thereafter “Connecticut’s hardest working emcee” N.M.E The Illest brought Ottawa stage some new flavor with an old school feel. His set which consisted songs from his latest album “Have Me Quietly” was a definite treat for all hiphop heads in attendance.



Shortly after 9pm, House of Paint stage saw Demigodz (Apathy and Celph Titled), a music duo that has stood the test of time by providing audiences everywhere with hard hitting music, with lyricism. The two performed tracks from the latest album “Killmatic” and tore the stage leaving audience at a high, just in time for headliner Buckshot and DJ Evil Dee (BlackMoon).



When DJ Evil Dee set the prepped the crowd and when Buckshot stepped on stage, the crowd could not contain themselves, it was clearly the moment that many were waiting for as everyone on site filled the platform and were right up to the barricades as Buckshot ended the nights performance.

All In all Day 3 proved to be a great day of hiphop for Ottawa!!!

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Written By @Spick_Chick81

Photos By: @Spick_Chick81

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