London's Jme Is On The Radar With "Man Don't Care" Featuring Giggs [Video]

London’s Jme Is On The Radar With “Man Don’t Care” Featuring Giggs [Review/Video]

October 23, 2015

Hip hop has really evolved into this global juggernaut with all these various subcultures all over the world. Spreading from its origins in the Bronx, influencing countries far and wide. The UK, Africa, Austrailia, Japan, and our very own home and native land, Canada all have these independently distinct subcultures of hip-hop music that are very much so influenced by regional cultures and influences.
Each regions’ take on classic hip-hop provides something new and fresh while maintaining at its core the basis of hip-hop, the art of telling a story over a beat; and this transcends, race, religion and culture.
In the early 2000’s the UK showcased one of the most distinctive hip-hop subcultures which originated in London, England, Grime. Grime incorporates heavy drum and base with dancehall influenced fast passed vocals. I remember listening to Grime tracks in my early high school days by artists like Dizzie Rascal and Wiley, I remember thinking to myself that the sound was unlike anything I had ever heard before. Stylistically, the fusion of these two genres gave birth to something really special and unique to the vibe and culture in London.
Now Grime music is undergoing a renaissance with English emcees such as JME, bringing Grime back to the forefront. It is gaining that sought after Western approval with high profile artists such as Kanye and Drake whom have both collaborated with English Grime artists. JME is putting it down for English Grime. In spring of this year he dropped “Man Don’t Care” featuring Giggs this track is gaining some serious traction, and is on our radar, check out the visuals here.

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Written by: @TuneIntoMoj

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