Snak The Ripper Disses Madchild After Tweets In New Video "Assisted Suicide" [News]

Snak The Ripper Disses Madchild After Tweet In New Video “Assisted Suicide” [News]

Last week a few of Vancouver’s top rappers got into a little “Online Beef”. BAXWAR CEO Madchild disses Snak The Ripper via Twitter last Wednesday night tweeting “Snak the rippers name should be Snak the loud mouth piece of shit talking punk bitch…There, I got that off my chest”, Snak didn’t waist any time has he fired back with a diss track titled “Assisted Suicide”.

Van city’s Madchild and Snak The Ripper have been friends in the past, so there is no indication on what Snak initially did or said to piss Madchild off. In the video “Assisted Suicide”, Snak mentions Madchild’s tweet, how it was deleted after two minutes and how Madchild called right away to apologize. Snak also backs up the humble apology up by including Mad’s voicemail at the end of the track. We are still waiting for Madchild to respond has reports. Do you feel that the Tweets from Madchild were “Childish”? Leave comments below.

Watch Snak The Ripper “Assisted Suicide”:

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