Vancouver's Brevner Releases "Waterloo" (The Jitter Story) Madchild Diss [Video]

Vancouver’s Brevner Releases “Waterloo” (The Jitter Story) Madchild Diss [Video]

Yesterday we posted a diss track by Vancouver artist Snak The Ripper attacking the Battleaxe General Madchild, Today another Van City rapper who goes by the name of Brevner lashes out at Madchild in new video “Waterloo(The Jitter Story), a story of how his relationship with Madchild declined after the making of the “Jitters” video. In “Waterloo” Brevner talks about paying out of pocket for the “Jitters” video as well as touring with Madchild on the Dope Sick tour. Snak also makes an appearance in the “Waterloo” video as he steadily gives the middle finger. We are still waiting for a response from “Shane aka Madchild”. Leave your thought below.

Watch “Waterloo” (The Jitter Story) Madchild Diss: 

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