Belly releases two new videos "Who Am I" & "Maison" [News]

Belly releases two new videos “Who Am I” & “Maison” [News]

After announcing his new deal with Roc Nation, Belly continues his successful return with the release of two new videos. Both tracks are off of Belly’s Up For Days mixtape which was released back in May. The first of the two tracks is “Who Am I”. The Nick Roney and Luis Soto directed video takes a dark introspective look at life and death. It begins at a crime scene where Belly is the victim and follows his journey into death ending with a funeral. The second of the two videos is “Maison”. Also directed by Nick Roney and Luis Soto, the video continues with the same aesthetic as “Who Am I” and picks up where it left off with his rebirth.


Watch “Who Am I”:



Watch “Maison”

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