Cashtro Crosby releases new “2 Million Fans" mixtape [News]

Cashtro Crosby releases new “2 Million Fans” mixtape [News]

January 28, 2016

Pittsburgh born, Cashtro Crosby is back at again with his recently released mixtape, titled “2 Million Fans”. Cashtro, now a seasoned vet on the Ottawa Hip Hop scene, always pleases his fans, giving them those sought after raspy bars and well thought out verses. He teams up with long time collaborator, DJ Mes to spit over an array of beats. The project really offers a little bit for everyone, including current instrumentals such as Drake’s Energy to an ode to Biggie. Not only does your boy ensure that the vocals and instrumentals have come together seamlessly, he puts finishing touches on the project by including cover art by local artist Robbie Lariviere, of the former Fall Down Gallery, and design work from Mithchell Golding.
His fans have been holding out for new music and it is finally here, and you will not be disappointed. Listen to the whole project below.

Cashtro Crosby releases new “2 Million Fans" mixtape [News]

Listen to Cashtro Crosby’s “2 Million Fans”:

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