Obie Trice Interview: Talks relationship with Eminem, 50 Cent TV Series "Power" & More

Obie Trice Interview: Talks relationship with Eminem, 50 Cent TV Series “Power” & More

Growing up, my friends and I, use to listen to Eminem, D12 and Obie Trice religiously. Obie’s CHEERS album is a classic, so when I found out he was coming to Canada to do a Canadian Tour to promote his latest album “The Hangover,” I told myself I had to be at this show. I made sure to send out my request for an Interview on behalf of CapCityHipHop to the right people to make the connection, and it happened, I got granted the Interview.



Before Obie Trice started his set on Sunday, January 10, 2016, I caught up with the former Shady Records artist at Ritual Nightclub. After arriving late from Peterborough, due to the snow storm Ontario endured, I noticed Obie looked tired before we sat down to start the Interview, and remembered his first show to kick off the Canadian tour was the night before in Ontario just outside of Toronto. So now I could truly understand why he called his album “The Hangover”. Probably hungover from his first show the night before, I started to speak with Obie and I asked him how his first show in Toronto was and he stated “It was good” it was “Editable Coke,” not knowing exactly what he was trying to say, he repeated “Editable Coke” thinking he had good Coke? Or just really hungover, but later I realized he was talking about Etobicoke, a city on the outskirts of Toronto.



After that I continued to speak with Obie about the release of his fourth Studio Album titled The Hangover and the features on the album, his relationship with Eminem, his thoughts on 50 Cent’s television series “Power,” and his new Black Market Entertainment label. After the Interview, Obie left to the hotel where he rested up for a few hours until he came back to perform at the club. Now I know Obie got some sleep cause he came on stage with a bottle of Hennessy pouring it out to his fans and drinking out the bottle, which meant his Hangover was gone and he was starting to get buzzed and enjoy his night.


Obie ended up performing classic hits like “Hennessy” featuring Tupac and “Got Some Teeth” from his classic album “Cheers”. Even performed some verses off old songs like “Snitch” featuring Akon. Then he started to perform songs “Good Girls” and “Same Shit” off his “The Hangover” album.

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