Ottawa's JC Peters releases new "Different" EP

Ottawa’s JC Peters releases new Different EP

February 18, 2016

Ottawa new comer JC Peters dropped his “Different” EP at the age of merely 21; he is really aiming to separate himself from the pack. He has developed a sound that is unique to him. He shows off his versatility by giving us some bangers and some tracks that are bit slowed down for the ladies.

JC Peters has a breathy quality to his voice when he flows; he also shows that he can pick up the tempo at the drop of a hat. He reps the 613 which is always refreshing for Rappers out of the National Capital Region, especially on his track “Dapper” where he self proclaims his self as an artist and not rapper.

Peters is definitely on the come up and brings a little more than what meets the eye, but decide is he an Artist or a Rapper?


Listen to JC Peters “Different” EP here:

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Written by: @Tuneintomoj

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